3158 web site advertising investment CCTV high profile bleaching scam is still rampant

3158 site landing CCTV "3· 15 party" to "letter to the world," a high-profile bleaching

March 15, 2012, CCTV 3· a commercial 15 party "in the limelight, 3158 merchants to join" the letter stands in the world, the integrity of business "for the high-profile advertisements appear on the TV screen, it is puzzling is that the investment projects have been questioned suspected fraud website, now seems to achieve gorgeous, the integrity of the image appears again in front of the world. However, according to the "IT times" reporter survey, 3158 or that of the 3158, investment scam is also still rampant, but the means more subtle.

IT Times reporter Wang Xin Qian

* 3158 site past and present

media exposure 3158 and other sites

3158, the domain name is www.3158.cn, is a project to join the platform, is a franchise of hundreds of projects, in the form of text links on the web page, then collect advertising fees of the Internet platform. In 3158 on the site, you can do this by similar classification form of advertising to find a variety of "rich" projects, such as "the Internet at home easy money", "KFC fast food shop", "junk spit wealth".

July 2008, "IT times" had to "u88" traps for news headlines, in-depth investigation of the U88, 3158 websites such as franchise project scam, was this reporter interviewed many deceived franchisees and worked in the franchise had their employees, in addition to denounce fraud joined chain corporation, will be more spearhead published tens of thousands of franchise information franchise websites, such as 3158.cn, u88.cn and so on, they think that these sites are not only economic benefits after a rigorous examination, publication of false information. At the time of the 3158 on the site, "animal blood into gold", "start empty-handed, year 1 million", "six days into the 80 thousand" liar project impressively.

1 years later, in April 2009, CCTV "economic half-hour" criticized 3158, U88 joined the network alleged fraud, once said in the program, "franchise fraud rampant, some network media has become the largest of these Swindlers Company;" accomplice "this website allows a lot of false franchisor, unqualified, non-compliance the franchisor, do business advertising on its web, so from a certain point of view, this platform of investment sites should be Chinese currently chartered a accomplice team is very strong business fraud on the market."

is also a year later, in August 2010, the victim again complained to the newspaper, 3158 websites such as U88, the reporter then investigated and found that the frequent media exposure and not to the network franchise industry brings purification effect, even fraud by Beijing police destroyed the project, still.

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