How far is the title from the text

      1, the title party is not a party, but a style of attention scarcity era. The ability to summarize the main idea we have learned have not existed in this party, leaving only interpret out of context and curry favour by claptrap. The following is an example, look at the gap between the title and the text of how much – if the title does not reflect the central idea, then we have to do?

      2, Title: the title – "Jinshan listed suddenly postponed for two days"; "Small Title – profitability questioned from Nasdaq via Hongkong".

      text: Daily News (reporter Luo Tian) yesterday, the Kingsoft Corp listed in Hong Kong Company expressly listed Jinshan sponsor Lehman time officially scheduled for October 9th, than before the message is delayed two days. What is the rumor is wrong, or otherwise hidden now is not important, after all, from 1998 to the listed Kingsoft Corp didn’t care much for these one or two days.

      however, in Jinshan ready to raise HK $1 billion 560 million in the motherboard market in Hongkong, it was suggested that the reason why the United States to give up the NASDAQ NASDAQ Hongkong stock market is due to the lack of profitability. This is no doubt before the listing of Jinshan poured cold water.

      however, from the current situation, the profitability of Jinshan is relatively considerable. Lehman said in the report, the current network of the main game business accounted for 68% of its total revenue, the average monthly per capita consumption value of players is $16.21. Lehman is expected, with the launch of the new online game products per capita monthly consumption value is expected to rise to 23.19 yuan. Lehman even predicted this year’s two major online games will reach $187 million profit.

      Qinchuan Internet analyst told reporters: "Hong Kong stocks for the new listing company for 3 years, the total net profit of more than HK $50 million, and Nasdaq 3 years before the two fiscal year net income of $400 thousand. So it seems that the motherboard for the profitability of Hongkong is actually higher than the u.s.. So Jinshan listed in Hong Kong for investors to protect more." To the main board of the Hongkong Jinshan Qinchuan speculation is the main value of the Hong Kong stock is not a concept of network game. "This is the largest gold in Hongkong financing is good news."

      due to Jinshan into the market before the silent period, has been unable to clarify or explain anything. So yesterday announced a high-profile alliance Jinshan TOM online, thunder, Qihoo, more net four types of portals, before pushing the listing of the final game of a network of "spring and Autumn" Q move is meaningful. Jinshan may expect to take this action to the investor’s ability to pass the new game." Qin told reporters that "

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