Set off the gold rush boom QQ supermarket access Discuz

from Discuz! Official news, Tencent open platform "QQ" supermarket community game on May 18th formally access Discuz! Roaming platform for website operators’ income, broaden the channels, set off a new round of stationmaster gold rush.


figure: "QQ supermarket" game screenshots

it is reported that "QQ" is a supermarket management, the concept of community leisure tower defense game, spent million daily active, hundreds of millions of registered users, and top ranked QQ space on top of the throne, is a very popular, very popular application.

"QQ" supermarket access roaming, it will open in all Discuz! Show the roaming service site, and game content, grade, equipment and QQ space exchange, create multiple choice game places give users the opportunity. In addition, users in the webmaster site to play "QQ" supermarket, still can be convenient to use coins consumption, help to improve user viscosity. User generated on the site of consumption, can help owners get revenue sharing, divided into up to 45%.

also learned that since February 2012 the Tencent open platform and Discuz platform formally! Roaming to complete the docking technology, applications and games in QQ space can be directly displayed on the open Discuz! Roaming service site, and the game between the two content synchronization. Since then, the "Three Kingdoms", "Rose Knight", "QQ supermarket" and a variety of popular applications have been roaming access to the site to increase revenue to open up new channels to achieve the goal of operating with a total of one million webmaster.

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