365ren far from the heart pain

      today from the mailbox to get 365ren coming off the news station, the heart can not help but sad, no two days, do not want to 365Ren in my heart but with all the dust has settled, all ready to do, to give up and die have been members of the will quietly leave the network in the world, many abandoned brothers and sisters.

      silently typing in the browser once in the familiar www.365ren.com, actually was so strange, this is I had the support of the 365ren? Is this the 365ren I’ve been keeping all of my records? I don’t know why I give up easily! I don’t know why the 365ren team made such a choice! I feel sorry and helpless.

      since 365ren is going to leave, then I think I will disappear before everything. Diary for two years, two years to share photos, let him leave with 365ren’s departure! This is the last thing I can do to support them! I am willing to die with 365ren!

      10 years later, perhaps I will remember the home of 365ren, but I think June 30, 2007 will be the day of my heart forever pain! To pray silently for the death of the 365ren, quietly waiting for the final miracle!

      warning without antivirus friend:

      I don’t want to have a website, in the last days, actually there are still a boring man ruthless wretched, quietly the horse, so many innocent friends hurt, let 365ren the last days don’t go well! You are the most shameful people on the internet! BS!

dying site was linked to horse, horse BS.

mailbox received off the station notice!

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