Junior high school students to build pornographic sites to earn 35 yuan involved in pornographic pro

Xiao Ning (a pseudonym) is a third year student, and far away in Guangdong, Puning. So, when he saw the police in Zhejiang, Cangnan, appeared in front of him, he was stupid. "" ".

Xu Ningjian

, a web site, anchored in Cangnan Telecom’s free server. There are more than 1 thousand and 600 pornographic videos posted on his website. The day before yesterday, on suspicion of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, Wenzhou Cangnan procuratorate formally arrested Xu Ning. When he was arrested just earn 35 yuan advertising fees.

site originally quite pure

Xu Ning introverted, friends less, most of the spare time, are crowded to the Internet cafes. Xu Ning in the computer, in fact, is a very good school children, the site produced by self-study. In August last year, Xu Ning was informed that the construction of a high click on the site, you can link some advertising to make money.

he has been busy for a long time, built a campus forum. Paid a lot of effort, of course, want to harvest. Xu Ning woke up every day the first thing is to look at their own forum click rate.

, however, the forum deserted scenes, let him feel the blow. No wonder some people say that the network " very yellow very violent "?." He thought fiercely.

forum does not change the spread of pornographic videos


campus forum, into a movie website! The movie website name, before a change of "pure" line, Xu Ning named "old black cinema", anchored in Wenzhou, Cangnan Telecom free server.

at the end of last year, Xu Ning took pains to upload nearly 2000 video files, which, more than 1600 pornographic video. He felt that the video is rapidly increasing popularity, click "killer".

was arrested when earned 35 yuan

"killer" played a role, Xu Ning movie website click rate improved a lot. Next, he started making money. Through the network, Xu Ning contacted an advertising business, and in the "old black cinema" the previous generation is divided into advertising links, click on the page and popups.

Xu Ning and advertising business agreement, advertising every click a thousand times, to pay 18 yuan of advertising fees; automatic pop-up cumulative thousand times, also can get $4 reward. However, when Xu Ning looking forward to money, when Cangnan police across several provinces, to find him.

originally, in March of this year, Cangnan police in the online routine monitoring, found that the old black cinema problem. Through further investigation, they quickly locked the far away in Guangdong.

has been identified, Xu Ning uploaded to the old black cinema video, more than 85% of pornographic content. And Xu Ning also take advantage of this, although only 35 yuan, or suspected of spreading pornographic material profit.

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