Tencent half Feng Ting 20 million WeChat trick prostitute No 30 thousand public account 25 thousand


on the Internet WeChat trick prostitute screenshot

xinhuanet.com Beijing electric (reporter Zhou Wenlin) Tencent thunder action 9 joint Chongqing, Nanjing, Xuzhou three police and security company that created the well-known buildings, sharing the fight against cyber crime experience for the public, and the four types of Internet fraud trend in the second half, raise awareness of calling users.

Tencent launched a wave of action to combat the black chain of the Internet industry. The first half of 9, the first disclosure of results showed that the current WeChat cumulative Feng Ting 20 million trick prostitute account, 30 thousand fake public account. Since March this year, the QQ and QQ space closure malicious account 250 thousand, 150 thousand prohibit the dissemination of malicious links.

Tencent Internet crime research center secretary general Zhu Jinsong said that the current online shopping fraud, social chat fraud, theft of personal information and assets have formed a huge network of black industry chain. Thunder action by starting, hoping to build a multi-party cooperation platform to combat the black industry chain, and effectively protect the interests of users.

at the same time, the Tencent jointly KnownSec released the second half of the four types of Internet fraud warning, one recruit fraudulent information, fraudulent websites winning variety show, the World Cup soccer gambling website massive phishing message will emerge. Two is specifically for accounting and financial officers of the case gradually rise, the criminals will be disguised as partners, to deceive the fight. The three is for online shopping, dating sites, sending disguised as samples or private photos of phishing or Trojan link class fraud gradually increased. The four class scam taking personal information will be further upgraded.

at the same time, the micro channel from 9 days to begin the upgrade new techniques, to set like behavior of the whole platform to clean up and regulate. Cumulative found 1 has set like behavior, TITLE 7 days, found 2 titles 15 days and found 3 titles 30 days and found 4 times the permanent title, can not re opened. It is understood that the main cause of the WeChat team to take this measure is to ignore the recent part of the business rules platform and user experience, repeated use of circle of friends set like, and even prepaid fraud, harassment users phenomenon.

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