Xinhua News Agency criticized the black workshop to return to takeaway platform regulators have to k

news August 12th, was "315" evening exposure takeaway "black workshop" to return to Baidu, U.S. and even the hungry thing recently made a platform after the incident was exposed, raise a Babel of criticism of, three big takeaway platform have expressed related shops under the framework of emergency treatment at the same time, Beijing City Food and drug administration also said it will the legal responsibility to the responsible person.


Xinhua News Agency recently published an editorial article, pointing out that the incident exposed regulatory loopholes, difficult to accurately monitor the force, especially the regulatory issues can not keep up.

article said, "although last year the new food safety law has been revised to the food network transactions included in the scope of regulation, requiring third party trading platform food network real name registration on the food network operators, and define the responsibility for food safety supervision system, but is not a once and for all, in the face of new problems, regulatory measures should be flexible with the times, continue to complete the upgrade, make measures to keep up even run to win change."

Xinhua news agency also said, "in response to the current line of catering enterprises to form an integrated supervision, according to the network aggregation and Internet communication on word-of-mouth etc., regulators should increase the exposure of illegal efforts to encourage the news media and the public to find and report illegal clues, play the social role of public opinion, it should establish more strict supervision mechanism."

IT’s view, in addition to strengthen supervision to prevent such incidents from happening again, in the event of the interests of consumers didn’t seem to get enough attention, has been in the black workshop ordering consumers, three takeaway platform issues mentioned on compensation compensation, how to protect consumers’ personal interests are still worth pondering the relevant departments.

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