March arrears of the closure of the group to open the treasure network there are still some of the m

in March due to the collapse of the group announced the resumption of the network yesterday. Mission Po network CEO Ren Feng told reporters that the arrears of consumers have been finished, but the supplier, the internal staff is still part of the money is not yet, there are about 10% or so".

in February this year, the largest shareholder Groupon has decided to give up, the company capital chain suddenly broken, please pay the debt, a series of on-site business staff. According to data provided by Ren Chunlei, the company’s gross profit decreased from 48% at the highest level last year to $7%. In addition, due to a large number of advertising on the Internet, television, buildings, public transport, resulting in rapid increase in operating costs.

this year, due to the major buy site crazy copy GROUPON mode, leading to vicious competition in the market. According to the independent navigation website group 800 data, in October of this year, the overall number of buy site fell to 2908, compared to last year’s heyday in the year of August, plunged by 42.5%.

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