The Ministry of public security encirclement and suppression network investment fraud breaking the h

, Beijing, April (reporter Wang Qian) – a large market, there are transactions, procedures, companies, employees 1…… Such financial companies seem to have what special, but in this seemingly "network trading platform, and" every day, but there are millions of yuan here "disappear", investors still think is of poor investment.

since 2014, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shandong and other places to continue to take place in the spot, futures trading in the name of the implementation of fraud cases. Because of its novel, a huge amount of money involved, bad social impact, for the establishment of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation led by the "3· 20" special group, in the city of Chongqing from the list of commodities trading market of more than 27 pieces of data to identify clues based on alleged network investment fraud group will be distributed in the whole country 25 a province, city, assigned to the local public security organ of investigation.

high income people no gain

high investment, high income, this simple truth is criminals "good use", as a means of fraud. High investment, but there is no income, all the money invested into the pockets of criminals.

/ Chongqing dry company involving more than 700 victims, involving a total amount of more than 1100 yuan, and arrested 37 suspects……

Sichuan Yuantong company involving more than 800 victims, involving a total amount of more than 1000 yuan, and arrested 13 suspects……

Ningxia air cargo market involving more than 1000 victims, involving a total amount of more than 1000 yuan, arrested the suspect in the 40……

after a year of investigation, only the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau successfully destroyed the network investment fraud company 14, two grade 43 fraud Gang, arresting 381 suspects, cracked telecommunications fraud case 4542, seized frozen property worth a total of more than 2582 yuan.

as of now, the national network of investment fraud destroyed a total of 133 companies, criminal suspects and arrested more than 2000 people, freeze the money 130 million yuan.

The secret lies in the "

disk" operation

network investment fraud, in brief, is to network investment in the name, lured the victim to commit funds to commit fraud.

So why is

network operating platform looks and the market index are the same? Why operation on this platform will be fraud? Suspect Ningxia Iraq Airlines commodity trading market trader Zhang gave away the secret: "we can adjust the coefficient in the software, it is high virtual funds, or freeze the account not a normal transaction, to reverse pull prices, then allow it to account for the transaction, then the customer already lost."

police handling the case, the suspect is mainly through virtual capital to control the market, set up a virtual account in the trading platform, the account >

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