Group purchase website sale at a loss to earn popularity out of similar sites

domestic market share of the loot group purchase website "enclosure movement", you can simply use the head broken and bleeding "to describe.


group purchase website Shanghai industry source told reporters that some website group purchase from the merchants purchased goods after the sale price to more affordable to consumers, in order to increase the group purchase website "competitiveness", crowding out similar sites. "With the domestic group purchase industry increasingly fierce competition, all kinds of chaos frequent, vicious competition may ultimately harm the interests of consumers." The source expressed concern about the future.

in order to compete for the movie tickets to buy, the price competition is the first battle, the double film package from the earliest launch of 80 yuan, to the later of the $70, until the group price is stable at all in the 66 yuan – $68. The industry said: because I am engaged in this industry, and businesses often deal with, I know all kinds of businesses can withstand the bottom line price of the product. Double film package 66 yuan – the price of 68 yuan, has been close to zero profit."

however, the price war is not for profit to reach the limit stop, but began to "Zoupian Jian feng". "I was browsing the website group purchase movie tickets, group purchase website, half flat into the flat, half site losing money."

group purchase website do Kuibenmaimai, don’t they want to make money? "Group purchase website at a loss on sale, the purpose is to earn popularity, make traffic, and many small sites out of the market in the process, thus becoming the ‘intellectual’ winner, finally to achieve the" ultimate goal of listed circle money. "." The insiders pointed out sharply.

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