Uber churning Chinese business car market operations are more important than technology

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian Mei Tianyi, July 15th, reported

yesterday Uber CEO Travis; Kalanick (Travis) in Beijing announced that Uber officially entered Beijing, ·. The reason why CEO personally announced that not because of the special Beijing, more important reason is that Beijing is the 100th city of Uber. For a company set up in 2009, 5 years into the next line is a good performance in the city of 100.

of course, compared to the rapid expansion of the city, the impact of Uber on the car market so that it has received more attention. In the United States, private car owners can be registered as a Uber driver, the traditional taxi industry to form a great challenge, but also let Uber is always in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm.

after entering China, Uber chose to cooperate with regular car rental companies, thereby avoiding the legal risk. And because of its size is not large in China, it has not been a boycott of the taxi industry.

Wang Xiaofeng, general manager of

China Uber in a telephone interview with Tencent technology, said Uber hopes to better serve the driver and passengers, do not want to cause trouble.

and Uber compared to the fiery overseas, the country’s most popular car market in the past two years from the taxi drops and quick taxi companies such as the transformation of the taxi industry. But as more and more of the game player into the car market competition, domestic bias Uber model of the car is also easy to receive more and more attention, a taxi drops and quick taxi also began to enter the market, and the $17 billion valuation of Uber became the company’s underlying object.

Uber soft landing in China

for a technology driven, but the main line of services provided by the company, Uber whether to enter the Chinese market, the standard is very simple, that is, whether to provide car service in china. This makes Uber into China will face greater challenges. Because other Internet Co officially entered the Chinese market, still can get some of the users in China, but it is difficult to Uber.

but Uber’s global expansion strategy is that in the United States outside the region, are responsible for the operation of the local team. In fact, this is to ensure that the localization of services. This is particularly important for the Chinese market.

in addition, Uber more emphasis on overseas is a way of life and logistics company, but in the country is still more important to do a good job car service.

in the Chinese market strategy, Uber performance is relatively low-key. First of all, it began the trial operation in Shanghai, after a period of time before the official announcement of china. This gives Uber the real contact China market, rapid chance of trial and error. Uber then entered Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Beijing to provide services in the four cities.

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