Chinese Baoen collapse incident Grassroots decide on what path to follow


China Baoen network screenshot (Sina Technology Plan) Shijiazhuang 29 June Xinhua: grassroots network, road where to go? — "Baoen China collapse incident investigation

Xinhua News Agency "China network in reporter Zhang Tao, Fan Shihui, Wu Xiaoying

"this lamp fuel exhausted, dying, running 5 years the site has liabilities of $about one hundred thousand…… Although there are too many attachment, too much care, but I really can not do anything……" After struggling to stick for 5 years, a family of "80" couples in the network issued a notice to be founded in a public website. China network shut down.

so, "80" why college students founded the charity website website? Really close? Why frequently activity of private charitable donation into a dead end? With these questions, the Xinhua News Agency "Chinese network in the reporter linked to the website founder, behind the understanding of the site collapse story.

(core network) grassroots website "collapse" citation network on

June 13th, "China Baoen network" launched a website to close the announcement, thousands of words said in a statement: "today I am sorry to announce a message to you: because of the long-term debt management, the website will be closed but at the end of June. A net write my tears for 5 years under this letter of farewell letter."

"Chinese Baoen net" coming off the network news triggered a strong concern, search bar enter China net closed gratitude "on Baidu, the related information of more than 30, in micro-blog, blog users There were many discussions.

released this announcement Xu Lina, founder of the website. She reviewed the site since 2006 after the establishment of the growth process, the gains in the announcement: "for 5 years, the organization size of more than 60 charitable activities, to raise money for public welfare donations more than 60 yuan. Helped hundreds of orphans, in order to reduce the cost of hospital contact way rescue of 12 patients with congenital heart disease life, school fees for children to the home of charity donations, sympathy, etc. arrange learning proficiency in a particular line theme of public service activities for the disabled."

has learned that the website will be closed after the news, even on many has been on the site to help users by telephone, SMS, net posts and other forms, to encourage to do website Xu lina. The "blue sea" said: "great! Two 80 young people’s courage and compassion, touching admiration."

A netizen named Qiu Yisong

last year in a car accident and lost a leg, not flat, helpless in the dispute case, turn to "Chinese Baoen network". Collect money through the website donations, Qiu Yisong fitted with a prosthetic, "now I know Xu Lina in helping others, in fact, she is in need of help."

(reporter survey) grassroots public

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