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website success but also that each one has its own merits, the same point, that is the user interactivity. Looking at the site every site is a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, a community, people here can release information, communication, people can also explain their opinions or comments here, or here to make friends. From the BBS, blog, podcast, Witkey, show, guest, friends or SNS, B2B and so on, no matter how the concept, need technical support, how to function, they have a common point, that is to let each user become participants and contributors. If you leave the interactivity, the site will become the user and the webmaster exchange, and the ability of a webmaster how much?

empirically, interactivity includes the following aspects:

ranking: ranking for some specific things. For example: the Forum blog ranking, ranking, ranking the most popular member of


evaluation: allows users to evaluate a specific thing, such as: members of the evaluation of music, movies, blogs and other

recommendation: allows users to recommend some specific things, such as: members recommended restaurants, books, music and other

statistics: for users of certain content statistics, such as: how many members browse his album, blog and other

incentives: to enhance the user’s contribution and enthusiasm to participate. A lot of incentive methods, such as send gift advertising submission, guessing and so on.


allows users to any user on the website of the release of things comment.

discussion: for some specific things to discuss, such as online debate, online selection etc..

convenience: Web site features, must be easy to operate, timely feedback.

participation: simplifying user participation in a certain thing.

Party: allow members to interact online and offline. Why can tour pal have high flow, also may be the reason!

interactive is a website is a website of the soul, a symbol of success, as a web site operator, one of the most important work is to strengthen the interaction between the user and the website, improve the communication between users and communication, participation and contribution of.

users incentive

member registration analysis:

in the user login site, the first thing to do in the


from the analysis of background data, and consulted many members of the site, the first thing to do after large number of login is access to their mailbox, see if there are any friends new mail.

next, what will the user do?

users will have to check their release or reply to a blog post, and other information is a new reply. When users browse other people’s blogs, albums, stickers

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