The seven point victory over Google Adwords Ads characteristics Bing

to do English trade products website webmaster, we English search advertising market mainly have two companies, one is the famous search giant Google Corporation Google Adwords, another for Microsoft Bing Ads. Google Adwords before I have been in use, because the keyword competition is very intense, resulting in a lot of keyword prices tend to remain high, greatly increasing the advertising expenses of our products. So I put my eyes on the Microsoft Bing Ads, summed up its seven advantages, to share with you my experience:

Bing Ads in the past few months, has been trying to optimize the interface, improve infrastructure, and strive to compete with Google AdWords in the advertising market share game.

as most advertising webmaster is generally the first to contact Google AdWords, and then began to experience Bing Ads, will have the habit of First impressions are strongest and I think Bing Ads, first of all have to face how to educate users on the use of this new platform. In contrast, advertisers often spend 80% of the time in Google AdWords, and Bing Ads is easier to use more.

1 Search Partner website performance view

A key difference between

Bing Ads and Google AdWords, Bing provides a clear view to see the search partner website performance view, and investment control allows advertisers for its partners, you can clear the background through Bing statements about Bing search partner website performance.


2 bad search partner website ruled out

above we have through the performance report to see Bing search partner website performance, once you have established a cooperative website search results do not meet your requirements, you can block out the qualification is not good website, most can shield 500.


3 search partner advertising campaign can be classified

can be a very valuable feature of the search partner’s advertising activities, compared to the traditional way, advertisers can be more targeted advertising activities. Advertisers can control the cost from the ad group level and from a single CPC ad click. A total of three options to choose from, so that users have a greater flexibility in the choice of advertising activities.


4 diversification conversion rate analysis cycle selection

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