Network marketing into the ultimate secret weapon

in this war in the network marketing, each network marketers are using different secret weapon, funds with the chain, the lack of funds to Gao Quanzhong with millet plus rifles, every day the life of the chain and. So how to make the site marketing into the ultimate secret weapon?

a secret weapon: Carpet marketing

carpet for marketing funded enterprises can use, the carpet is for the enterprise marketing, product oriented user groups, in what channels, some users love in the world, some users love, some love in Baidu Post Bar in Sina play after micro-blog, WeChat, and some love to play online advertising, search engine advertising and you are all aspects of marketing, each media must have your company product introduction. Where your users can see your product information.

carpet marketing advantages: a wide range of marketing, high audience audience. Disadvantages: resources must be strong, there should be a continuous network marketing and advertising costs.

secret weapon two: Political Warfare marketing

is the capital of political warfare marketing for general enterprises, the so-called political warfare is the major in marketing, Baidu recognized online news source above some from the understanding of the product, to some soft, recognized this product to finally willing to buy this product for marketing, let the user voluntarily for you to promote your product advantages. And to the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing.

the advantages of Political Warfare: high user loyalty, wide range of word of mouth marketing. Disadvantages: early to have a lot of marketing time, need to have a detailed network planning program, according to the stage of different network marketing soft.


secret weapon three: protracted war marketing

marketing is a protracted war for some small and medium enterprises, the so-called marketing is a protracted war, some of the free platform, if the 58 city and Ganji, 28, tui18, the laggards, Admin5 network, Tianya, West Temple, and different industries related to high weight platform for protracted marketing.

the advantages of protracted marketing: investment province, long. Disadvantages: slow effect.

in this war in the network marketing, we are looking for suitable for their secret weapon, Weifang website marketing experts believe that network marketing can not see what the marketing secret weapon, win, win, win, is the network marketing tactics.

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