Network marketing three days exopathogens camp win

Chinese the network marketing, or at best in between "obscene" and "camp" stage, can do "camp" and "win" are in the minority. Thus, creating a large network marketing market.

first heavy day: "obscene" pin

"obscene" meaning, it is this realm, bombing.

apply the names in the lines, must choose the most Internet users of the network domain, with the most shameless marketing tool, the hair on the hair nerviness marketing mail, a direct hit. Email address will be at least 1 million, what the related matter, free of charge trap ah, false information ah, can give him with the. The mail inside with a blue page, there is a Trojan horse, as long as users on the set, leave something to let people ": Warning is set to the home page, a native of Chinlish, Bel a face.

in the Xinhua Dictionary, prostitution contains several meanings:


excessive, excessive, uncontrolled to rain. Wei wei. To waste (waste: waste). Jiaoshe to escape.

, confused, induce corruption: wealth is not to.

3 amour: to chaos. "Lead": for women to lust.

obviously, the network prostitution her prostitution, mainly refers to the first meaning. Too much, too much, no restraint, no slightest network etiquette. At the same time, in this level of marketing, often doped with some confusing things, corrupt social atmosphere. If we say that for the first point, we can tolerate, then, second, we must take action sanctions, otherwise the injured is the whole society, especially the network society.

at this stage, marketing tools for the performance of mandatory, disorderly, cheap. Such as mailing lists, personal ads chain is popular, but to tell the truth, many marketers do not know exactly what you are doing, what can have what kind of effect. The result is often disgusted everybody, after all, China is a state of ceremonies, do not understand the ritual, tend to be kicked out of the circle. Of course, for young people’s marketing, or for the primary users of marketing has also achieved some results, which is due to their own rules of the network is still in the establishment of the.

the second day, camp pin

in the Xinhua Dictionary, the battalion explained, in accordance with the frequency arrangement, appeared in front of the restaurant is administered, through to. China ~. Private ~. ~ industry. To protect. The seek to profit. To save. Private fraud. To have no desire.

therefore, the network marketing in this stage of the emergence of business management and a certain purpose. Marketing tools upgrade, such as Banner advertising, Pip, home page text links, search engine rankings began to appear. There are special talent. People began to divide the value chain in the industry, such as the master of SEO Wang Tong, in the network marketing

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