Some suggestions for students to start their own business

yesterday to Zhejiang University Alumni Zhu Min, Lin, Fang Yi, some of the deepest feelings, finally sorted out empty. Are about their personal feelings in Entrepreneurship:

1 each big or small failure is for greater success in the future.

2 all successful bright behind, have untold hardships, have to endure very human suffering, have been wandering in the edge of moral.

3 in school or in a small circle and then cattle, go out to work a man down.

4 alumni relationship is very important. School is a big platform, to know how to cherish the opportunity to use resources.

5 all businesses are built on the basis of sufficient market demand.

6 is always full of enthusiasm, in front of the staff, in front of the partners, first of all, they must be full of hope.

7 to be sensitive to industry dynamics. In the next few years, IT power service industry conference is the new profit models have a brilliant future.

8 has a business model, the first to do to prove the feasibility of looking for investment, the accumulation of contacts, cherish the credibility of

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