Marketing occasion to borrow from hi type not wonderful occasion

from Cannes to Li Chen Fan Bingbing’s red carpet "we" and then to the tennis Li Nasheng female, has been busy with all walks of life brand bigwigs, are taking advantage of marketing, for fear of their own occasion late. Taking advantage of the marketing is to build their spread in a relaxed way of entertainment, its fundamental purpose is to let everyone in Lele Oh to accept and buy the appeal, not only let the brand seems to have to keep pace with the times, followed by a hot fashion, complete with minimum cost to maximize the spread of brand itself, this kind of thing would of course be willing to shoot two hawks with one arrow in the enterprise. But with opinion, Liu Yu in an occasion to marketing, like the fashion circle mentioned "mix" concept, good collocation is fashion, collocation is not good by the blind wear! Good to achieve a brand promotion, borrowed stiff, has no meaning there may be a


first talk about the red carpet in Cannes occasion, Zhang Xinyu has become a popular northeast flowers coat the object of ridicule, "Oh, that fashion can also wear it!" regardless of the brand or the person, have to play with the kind of fashion style, P has become all the fun, wear a jacket back to the Northeast flowers it is a red carpet. All the people involved, so that Zhang Xinyu in the stars quickly emerged as the focus of the audience, the entertainment of the public to fulfill their own, have to say that this is a successful marketing. Through this marketing and occasion, Liu Yu summed up several key words: first, the topic of public controversy, Zhang Xinyu unveiled a coat of northeast network has two voices, one is supposed to support, are down to earth; one is Tucao, gaudy, vulgar opinion spearhead, controversial! Is a good thing, there is no dispute that is not called red! Second, mass, flower jacket embodies the northeast northeast elements inside, brought back after 70, 80 after a wave of people have sun memories, that is to say this thing, everyone is qualified to say a few words, the acceleration of mass communication. Since Third, Fan Bingbing black, Hua Xianzi’s Fairy skirt, that Zhang Xinyu will act in a diametrically opposite way, you go, I will go and see who is more popular, discussion. This self black marketing, but also to individual and brand postures, have "put on" the Northeast flowers coat. Meitu Xiu Xiu APP launched the P map function, simple and easy to operate quickly became popular, this is the success of Meitu Xiu Xiu in a timely manner and the clever occasion.

Li Chen Fan Bingbing the next talk about "we" taking advantage of marketing, because many brands in the occasion, here are two examples of the most typical of. One is regardless of the occasion to speed and copywriting are in place of the Durex packaging. Each occasion Durex is thundering potential out of the timeliness of the grasp is a magic and suction eye of effective communication. Look at the copy of "Bing Bing Lee" is a phrase with a double meaning, the two stars of blessing, is also Durex product features, simple and awesome, with clever! There is another case of Gao Jie wire, it can be said that this is the occasion to marketing out of a dark horse, quickly perceived by everyone, ". The ice on the morning, I am going to withdraw!" there are wonderful different approaches but equally satisfactory results with Durex. There are media comments: Li Chen announced the love affair, the best thing to do is to copy the health of Fan Bingbing

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