Outstanding T to ten folly unremittingly

you’re busy. You can not be saved after the fire. Technology is changing at a faster rate. You do what you should do. So, not surprisingly even smart IT professionals can do some stupid things.

1 is tired of staring at emerging technologies and providing technical models.

enterprise 2 software service?!?! we use we have many years of technology doing very well now. Thank you!

2 ignores training and professional development investments.

your team will never leave because the job market is bad. Right,


3 IT budget and facilities completely separate.

dozens of servers may consume how much electricity? What is the difference between the use of electricity saving technology?

4 simply looks at security issues from a technical standpoint.

your users must know that they should not download sensitive data to the hard disk. No one would be stupid to click on a phishing attack email.

5 said this, do not lock laptop.

this can cause too much argument.

6 takes into account the exceptions of remote users rather than rules.

don’t write their existence into a rule, don’t ask them to be like an internal employee. Your company now employs only a small number of remote employees. Unless you check it.

7 do not allow manufacturers to develop technical timetable. But don’t expect to hear news about upcoming updates and their potential benefits.

you’ll know when it’s time to upgrade. You’ll feel it deep.

8 do not set the time to read news and analysis, especially the industry and rival blog.

who has the time? You’re doing a good job. You know, it’s no better, because, you know,

9 continuous assessment of new technology is limited to the IT sector.

do not understand the needs of business managers. After all, the business has to adapt to the application you choose.

10 let your disaster recovery plan on the shelf.

it’s been a long time without a major disaster. There’s no disaster around you. Why don’t you bother to upgrade the plan to reflect changes in business / technology / staff / world affairs?

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