Website promotion the long road and long seven


in just a rookie, either for computer knowledge or website construction, knowledge and experience are relatively poor, but because of love literature’s sake, to go to the circles (don’t know what is fortunate or unfortunate?)

also made a their own independent website, because so interested in literature, called "bookworm" Zhai, thus remarkable literature. Due to the limited learning, although only a dish can not be more food web site space. But after all, gave me a platform to show their aspirations. (this is what you see now what I assiduous self-study into it) no matter somehow, since into this circle, at least some story and experiences; because the childhood love of literature, like a literary text, behoove is unavoidable. Then, the article wrote an article after article, whether for website promotion or publicity, or for the mood may be sub let both of it, anyway, always feel there are too many feelings to express, want to come now, and come into contact with the network platform and I don’t feel regret, at least it gives me a platform to show themselves.

of course, through their own learning and thinking slowly, then slowly out of consciousness and experience some little experience, especially in this one by one analysis as follows, also hope to be able to communicate with you. What if there is no place, hope you don’t mind.

1: find their own site positioning; to be honest, I am now in fact I am still at a loss, there is no clear goal and positioning their own site. Only because of the love of literature, it had a strong interest in it. But I want to be at least a platform to show yourself.

We might think of you

, I do this site to what is for what? What kind of target is aligned and user groups as they? To our website to browse it and what kind of harvest it / even a small article, a little a little feeling, you are considered to make the trip. Instead of being the same as the garbage collection stations, these are highly repetitive content. And those who take deception optimized by means of the website, seemingly red is easy, but if you want to, you can insist on how long? A month, a year, ten years, or


2: what we need is a true and reliable target user group, so as to maintain long-term vitality. Not like now so many webmaster counterparts are you to help me with my next post, I’ll help you step on a space, or pull their friends and family to help his top popularity. Step on the steps, the result is that a few people inside turn. We might imagine, does our website is dedicated to our peers for these stationmaster or for those friends for their practice? How long? It’s as if they constantly refresh their records, in fact, plainly. Also.

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