Analysis of two methods using Baidu products website promotion

SEO all know, Baidu is now increasingly favored the development of their own products, with the continuous development of Baidu products in the future, do SEO, what keywords ranking may begin from page second, and do some keyword ranking although the bidding cost is low, but SEO is time-consuming and laborious, the day of Baidu ill, perhaps a few months worked so hard to get the ranking disappeared, so this is SEO sad, today I also don’t talk about what SEO keywords ranking, feel at A5 about these is that what, like this one of a basket, today the author analysis two simple use of Baidu products do promotion method:

1: clever use Baidu drop-down box to do Baidu know

we all know that Baidu drop-down box search word flow is huge, so a lot of people do keyword drop-down box of potential customers and bring traffic to the site, but the time-consuming fierce competition ah, ah, so do Baidu know how effective, fast to do? Let’s see:


For example,

search "Beijing decoration company" is nothing more than to find a decoration company owners, the decoration company in Beijing with the search drop-down box appeared "Beijing decoration company ranked" Beijing decoration company which is good "and other related words, as the owners since the decoration company must want to find a good point, rest assured so, once the relevant words, related words most owners must first select the following understanding about the basic information, so sometimes the drop-down box words flow than the actual search words flow more, but the word is not just can make nothing of it.

how to do? Simple questions, change a IP simple answer? I tell you to "Beijing decoration company ranking" as an example to ask for a long time to change the IP to answer, answer skills is not to say, answer to advertising content, a advertising, hanging naked not easy harmony, can make a words and then insert advertising, but how can guarantee the answer in a short time row on the home page? Button to find a few friends, groups of friends or spend tens of dollars on this task Witkey website get dozens of people to click on "help answer the following" on my thumb, once recommended by many people, will soon come in the home page, Baidu’s own products once they enter the home page will be very stable, low cost, fast and stable. Do not believe you try it, try not to say more people.

two: the use of Baidu real estate hot spots to do marketing


this piece of news would have been occupied by the news portal, so we are not there is no way to fight a little market? "Sheenah makeup amazing" as an example, look at the first page of Baidu which have the content of the web site:


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