Brief talk about the prospects of mobile phone website

ten years ago, someone saw Internet’s future prospects, twists and turns through hardships, created the now famous Alibaba, Baidu, YAHOO, and other famous sites, a detailed look at today’s Internet has killed " " is full of smoke. Many scholars have not banned IT sigh, in this in the field of network. And my place for


actually, I personally think that employment is the entrepreneurial home. And entrepreneurship can not say on the prospects of the industry and play a world, the most important thing is our own now, ask yourself: are you really in your career and make painstaking efforts of hard work in front of you? Do you ever there have been avid


IT or " " scholars? It; scholars? Everything is in your grasp of

some people choose to design a mouse pad for several days, people make a million dreams for knowledgeable… But all for the life that.

look back today what’s in your eyes?

a few days ago, a dinner with friends outside. After free phone, mobile phone conveniently placed on the table. Friend: you this big screen mobile phone, to the Internet should also be right? I hesitated, then landed a Tencent space often browse website. The effect is also felt good. Although in speed, browse the effect on the screen than some of the gap between the computer, but I think with the mobile phone technology improves, the reform of Wap. After five years, mobile phone network may be one part of our life, the same as today’s Internet network for people’s life plays the effect of.

can not be ignore

the following is a simple summary of my friends to talk about some of the more obvious trend of comparative analysis of the pros and cons, take out and we look at the pros and cons of the mobile site


from the growth trend of China Mobile GPRS monthly users at present, we can clearly see the prospect of the trend of mobile phone access to the Internet, every day we could not hold the notebook to carry around. But we can carry a good mobile phone, all over the world… With the birth of business mobile phone, maybe tomorrow there are mobile. The office, we carry on the entertainment treasure.

a, the prospect of

1 search

when you go to a new city, or traveling. And for some basic information of the local and not know what to do?


quickly come up with your phone, you want to search something, right?

is for the life of the Encyclopedia of small things and spare it? Don’t worry.. take out your cell phone, search,


you need hotel reservation tickets?? business meeting… Here. Just a little, you want.

with extreme ease…


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