How to increase the external connection site

with the pace of the market economy intensifies, soaring prices, many of the days of the webmaster is not better than a few years ago. I remember a few years ago, a lot of the station after the new station to establish good, busy and other Adsense exchange connection. And now the exchange of friendship connection has become the market, the new sites, no PR site like today’s college graduates are despised. However, we need to develop new sites, the need to survive, how can we survive without the quality of the external connection, how to make their own station PR?

here, I summarize several methods, hope to share with everyone.

first use their resources. This is the best way, others do not give me a connection, I can find my friends, my other sites to provide quality external connections. Their own resources must first make good use of. From here you can make friends to reflect the effect on the network, if your webmaster friends enough, your popularity is good enough, your reputation as a figure like Wang, you certainly have no station connecting quality.

second was lost to all sense of shame. We can wear the same site of the webmaster "lost to all sense of shame," he gave you a connection. This method seems to be relatively low, will encounter N repeatedly refused, but you must adhere to, remember, do stand is not easy, it’s grief into strength, the future station once successful, once your PR has improved, can also take revenge, ha ha.

third using blogs. We now see a lot of portal sites that provide the ability to build blogs. There are similar enterprise site member function, we can look for opportunities in these functions, to increase their own additional parts of the station, and then doped their web site. But I heard people say, Baidu space do not leave their own address, stay will be K, but I do not have to prove. That should not be so scary.

fourth and personal Adsense exchange connection. Remember to use HTML when the site, just do some of the station is still simple, there should be no such power, and they exchanged PR although there is not much, but the external connection number should be increased.

fifth forum signature and spam comments. This search will think your station is not good. Do not believe what mass software.

I summed up so much, I hope you stand in the new PR station in the new year continues to rise, the flow of the station to improve, increasing revenue.

finally with the help of the king of the ADMIN5 publicity of their newly established, Chinese QQ, hope to work together with you.

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