The experience of local website promotion

with the popularity of the Internet, I believe that many webmasters have wanted to do a local website, such as the portal network, classified information network, forums, etc.. Perhaps you have done before, but closed again, in fact, to do a local site is very simple, mainly to promote a problem, we will talk about how to do the local site site early promotion:

1 domain: first of all, according to your local name, select a local people to look at to remember domain name, a good domain name, is half the success, for example: Suqian real estate network, using the domain name: said that under the first (0527 Suqian area code I believe, the locals know the local area code, Wang network is phonetic) the domain name should be particularly good in mind, so easy to remember domain name naturally easier for users than any promotion this gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, are effective.

2 positioning is the site, you must give yourself a good location site before, for example you want to do real estate, or recruitment nets or classified information network or forum, personal do local station to avoid doing too messy, if you don’t have a team or help, must choose a single to do, why? If you are a web site include real estate information, recruitment information, what Home Furnishing decoration, what care is, even if you can stay a month every day, I believe you after January must insist on not go. Too many things to update, in the case of no profit

you can’t hold on, said in February three the local station is not profitable. So that you must remember: do real estate to do a single real estate network recruitment will do a single talent recruitment network.

3 content: the content of the website is important, I suggest to do local station, the content must be true, let the local people, the feeling is true, don’t let people see the feeling and his life will not rub with a side of this place, no one will go to the second time, that day look at the local radio stations and newspapers and news, so every day you can have new content. Local people are also very happy to visit your site every day in their own side of things

4 promotion: local site must be very good publicity, such as distribute leaflets, I have seen this kind of website, our county is not too big or too small, I believe that every county has a human or an electric tricycle guest. First of all, and tricycle owners talk on the back of the tricycle posted on your website posters, January 100 dollars is enough. This propaganda effect is absolutely good. Do not believe you can try,

followed by the use of Internet cafes to promote parents, but now a lot of Internet cafes in the city do Sogou promotion. This depends on you and the Internet cafe boss how to talk about.

and then go to the local government forums and local websites or forums

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