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in September this year, SARFT and the Ministry of public security and other four departments issued a document No. 229, this document is the industry as the most serious illegal Internet TV terminal to investigate documents". By Document No. 229 ministries jointly issued a document issued, this means that the Internet TV industry regulation is no longer a mere scrap of paper, but the joint law enforcement.

there is no doubt that the regulation of radio and television Internet TV is strengthening. In the past, ignoring the laws and regulations of Internet TV barbaric growth, quickly occupied the market share. Along with the relevant laws and regulations to clear, the first half of this year there have been between Internet TV brand "illegal" to stick up to kill the drama, the future of the industry pattern reversal phenomenon will be more and more.

the same. Whether the relevant provisions are reasonable or not, the challenge of regulation is not conducive to their own development, market participants to comply with laws and regulations, comply with the rules of the game is to enhance the competitiveness of countermeasures.

walking for profit, and users suffer yourself

regulation of broadcasting Internet TV industry has not been changed. Back in 2011, radio and television 181 documents on the Internet made the relevant provisions of the television; and in June last year, radio and television have reiterated the relevant laws and regulations on the market in the gray area was clearly defined.


orders, but because of the lack of enforcement of the right of broadcasting market irregularities, Internet TV manufacturers are still linger on faintly, walking a fine line to seek benefits, with luck and touch the bottom line of the policy, whether the Department of broadcasting licenses, or legal or illegal content providers are more or less made many violations.

used this behavior linger on faintly after the introduction of 229 documents, but the situation has changed. Because of many ministries jointly issued guidance, the past gradually evolved into many ministries joint law enforcement, broadcasting and other departments of industry and Commerce has been more of the non-compliance of the TV box and Internet TV were investigated, part of the Internet TV winter has come.

non-compliance manufacturers in the consumer at the same time to watch the normal hidden dangers. The 229 document also brought back a lot of market chain reaction. November 15th, the number of domestic Internet set-top boxes have been upgraded, the first batch of 81 illegal video application software was screened. Many in the 15 before the purchase of substandard TV box users can not find the installation of the live broadcast of the third party software, the anger will spread on the TV box manufacturers, causing a return storm.

these companies not only harm the user, also their suffering, but this situation is to follow the laws and regulations in the past, based on strict policy line layout content ecological manufacturers brought opportunities.

industry trend reversal, compliance content to become king

The focus of competition between the

Internet TV manufacturers have two, one is the hardware, but the content. At the hardware level, Europe, the United States, Japan and other manufacturers as

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