The nterim Measures for the network about the car management will be the full moon local rules don’

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August (27) about the Interim Measures for the management of vehicles announced the upcoming full moon, but the development of local rules but slow pace. Recently, some places have been published about the network of car management rules of the draft, in the access threshold, operating mode to make strict restrictions, causing controversy. Public concern, the network will be on the road taxi management management.

local network about cars and taxi rules of reform is the key areas of reform affects hundreds of millions of people’s nerves, more is to observe the reform of local execution, effectiveness of decentralization and people get a sense of the wind vane. How to avoid the local network management about the car "old wine in new bottles, and even the emergence of reform" landing bias ", is a new question in front of the local government.

have a place to put the network about the car tube into a taxi?

The Interim Measures for online booking taxi business service management

the Ministry of transportation and other departments jointly issued the "(hereinafter referred to as the Interim Measures) and the general office of the State Council issued" on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry guidance "(hereinafter referred to as guidance), after the introduction of a burst of applause. But the network about the vehicle access standards, operating quantity and price rules, according to the provisions of the decision by the local government.

therefore, the network about car policy landing rules become the focus of attention. At present, Lanzhou, Ji’nan and other places have been to the society or groups of taxi drivers on the net about car detailed rules for the implementation of the advice from the disclosure of the local comments version, although different characteristics, but on the net about the car number, operation standard with strict threshold.

network about car positioning is higher than the parade car. Lanzhou City Department of transportation official said, about the car network models, quality, configuration should be significantly better than the ordinary parade taxi, the price is higher than the parade car. According to the Ji’nan transportation center and the Ji’nan City Taxi Association to the taxi company issued a "deepening taxi reform issues 11 Q", positioning about the car and parade car Ji’nan network, "network about vehicle grade should be significantly higher than the local mainstream cruising taxi, to provide high-quality differentiated travel service to the public."

network about the implementation of the number of restrictions. Lanzhou City Transportation Department official said, Lanzhou will strictly control the scale of the development of the network about the car, according to market demand to develop a reasonable network about the number of vehicles in the end of the network access to the car about the implementation of reasonable control. According to estimates, Lanzhou city vehicle saturation to be around 15 thousand, while the current ownership of Lanzhou city taxi 10 thousand vehicles, plus the government in the next two years in the taxi efforts should reach 12 thousand. According to this calculation, leaving the net about the number of cars is only about 3000.

network about car operations have more stringent requirements. According to Ji’nan’s proposal to solicit opinions, about the car or the car is limited to the B level, but also to spray the proprietary logo. According to the interim measures, the network about the vehicle mileage reached 600 thousand km forced retirement, mileage is not up to 600 thousand km, but the service life of up to 8 years, exit the network about car business.


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