Taobao shop transfer part of the lifting of the ban only divorce and inheritance

Securities Times reporter Zhu Kai

has reached 7 million of the total size of the Taobao shop, the number of transactions, such as the transfer of the credibility of the credit rating and other intangible assets, still facing the embarrassment of the rules. However, the Securities Times reporter learned yesterday from Taobao, July 24th from the online store transfer has officially opened the entrance. From March this year, Taobao announced the online shop transfer rules so far, the "forbidden" in just 4 months has ripped a crack.

Taobao relevant person in charge told reporters yesterday, the rule is only limited to the original name of the real name certification after the divorce or death of the owner, the transfer of the transfer of his spouse or children. The rental or sale or gift between different businesses, shops are still prohibited category. Shop owner can no longer operate only closed. At the same time, an identity information can only open a shop on Taobao." The person in charge said.

family transfer cautious release

shop transfer official opening of the online entry, which means that as long as some of the necessary conditions to meet, Taobao shop operators can put forward to the platform transfer application. After the transfer of the reputation of the shop remains unchanged, all operating behavior will be unified to be retained.

according to reports, the store operators can enter the shop transfer through the seller’s center page entrance, according to their own needs to choose the type of transfer. At present, the support includes three cases of divorce, divorce and legal succession.

in fact, the current total size has reached 7 million of Taobao stores, for various reasons, there will inevitably be part of a dormant or semi dormant state. However, the number of transactions accumulated before the store and the credibility of the credit rating, etc., has become the owner of the heart. In accordance with the rules of Taobao, or continue to operate, or choose to close, is not allowed to transfer or trade.

at the beginning of this year, Taobao forum entitled "how we shop after divorce?" post, Taobao attracted wide attention to the seller. In addition, the related "once the owner dies, the shop will issue how to dispose" also caused heated debate.

for this reason, Taobao through the research and analysis of user needs transfer shop background, risk, etc., ultimately confirmed the transfer must be based on facts, in the case of legal recognition of the operation. It is worth noting that the applicant must be between 18 and 70 years of age, the transfer must be completed before the end of all transactions in the shop.

, however, for a wider range of non legal home between the transfer of the transfer of personnel, the rules did not touch the amendment.

is exploring the foreign transfer rules

with the growing number of sellers, Taobao has become the largest C2C (personal business to individual consumers) website. In order to match the actual business situation, Taobao related rules should also keep pace with the times. Following the adjustment due to divorce or death, etc.

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