The province will implement the employment of entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation

recently, our province has developed the "Qinghai Province Employment Poverty Action Plan", for the 42 poor counties (city, District Committee, 520 thousand), a participatory rural poverty population of 1622 poor villages, with the ability to work and transfer the employment intention of surplus labor, encourage the introduction of skills training, transfer of employment and entrepreneurship policy, by the end of 2019, and strive to achieve the transfer of employment of poor families labor force of 315 thousand people (Times), occupation skill training of 82 thousand people (Times), to ensure that each have surplus labor of poor households, at least 1 people to achieve the transfer of employment.

let the poor labor skills. The CO ordinator of our province agency, agriculture and animal husbandry, poverty alleviation and other departments training resources and funding, implementation skills training or occupation education comprehensive coverage of poor families, poor families and strive to make a production training labor force can master 1 to 2 items of agricultural and animal husbandry production technology, improve production efficiency; two or three industry employment skills training to achieve 90% pass rate after training the current employment rate of not less than 70%. Farmers employment difficulties in poverty-stricken areas and the source region of Sanjiang, during the training period each day to give 20 yuan living allowance; remote training, according to the city state in the provinces 300 yuan, 800 yuan per capita disposable Province, give traffic and accommodation subsidies to alleviate poverty, family labor skills training in the family burden. read more

To two ask a rectification as an opportunity to seriously carry out the work of the rights of the 12

recently, PUC 12315 command center to carry out the "two question remediation" activities as an opportunity to combine actual work, seriously investigate and highlight the problem of accountability, performance control content, carefully regulate law enforcement procedures and the accuracy of the data by investigating the case, view data, field investigation, on-site guidance, on four branch checked.
the inspection, mainly to see the 12315 command center of each branch has been perfect and personnel are in place, consumer complaints and foreign sources triage is to reach 100%, the source of preliminary investigation, filing, self closing is reported in the working days provisions, every case have been filed, whether "into five" according to the established 12315 rights service stations and other related materials. The inspection found the branches based on complete information, arrangement, summary of nodes, has missed the case registration and informative, consumer complaints and external source shunt reached 100%, case filing, preliminary investigation, self closing can report on weekdays provisions, each case has been filed, "into five" according to need to set up 12315 rights service station. But there are also some problems, such as electronic files not classified, electronic files and archives the book cannot correspond to the inconvenience, query, supervision is not in place, the case handling department the specific situation is not clear, only passive handling units report form data, and some individual department investigating cases not reported by the 12315 command center, but will holdback statistics in the bureau to report the work data, resulting in data reporting departments above the PUC 12315 command center statistics. To solve the above problems, the PUC inspectors of data collection, classification, supervision and other aspects of the scene and on the spot guidance on how to further carry out the 12315 "Five" work to do a serious and detailed explanation. At the same time, the bureau to further strengthen the work of the 12315 command center from four aspects: one is to do all kinds of case diversion, reporting work, according to the requirements of collecting materials, for the record, carefully sorting, classification and management. Two is to strengthen the supervision of the work, so that there will be a case investigation, there will be errors correction, improve the efficiency of handling cases. Three is the strict legislation (not filing, sales) case audit clearance, further standardize the law enforcement procedures. Four is to do a good job investigating the case data statistics, to ensure that the data is informative, accurate, to provide services for leadership decisions. read more

Xining comprehensive cleaning forest fuel

"in October to send warm clothing". In October lunar new year period, the wild Shangfen burning paper, incense and other traditional ritual activities, but also the forest fire prone season. In order to further improve the period of forest fire prevention work, to ensure that no forest fires, November 13th, vice mayor of the city of gold Jiuchen inspection of forest fire prevention work.

spring and summer this year, adequate rainfall in our city, forest vegetation growth is strong, the forest combustible, autumn and winter forest fire prevention work is facing a very grim situation. At present, a large number of forest fuel in the key forest areas has become a major hidden danger of forest fires. In order to prevent the occurrence of forest fires, forest combustible in our city to carry out all-round, full coverage within the city clean, through timely cleaning to the tomb area, important sections, key areas and key units of combustible materials, effectively reduce the fuel load, the formation of effective fire barrier, reduce forest fire danger. According to incomplete statistics, at present the city has a total area of about 400000 square meters of clean forest fuel, only to clean up the botanical garden on the fuel pickup truck 80. read more

Xining city traffic police detachment three brigade regulate pedestrian traffic behavior

recently, Xining city traffic police detachment three brigade with the ongoing "hand of peace" activities, focusing on the occurrence of pedestrians crossing the road, and the vehicle to grab the line, the pedestrian crossing violations center isolation fence traffic rules and characteristics, according to different period and different roads to develop a number of measures, through the joint efforts of the police and the Police Association and has achieved obvious effect.

According to the characteristics of traffic violations of pedestrians and non motor vehicles, the

group adopts the measures of publicity, education, guidance and persuasion. On the one hand, make full use of propaganda slogans, banners, display panels, news media and other means to expand the publicity, to remind pedestrians to walk the zebra crossing, and the vehicle does not grab the road, crossing the center guardrail, plays a dual role, publicity and guidance significantly; targeted adjustment of service on the other hand, requirements of pavement police and police on duty during the Jiuwei gives priority to the civilization of pedestrians and non motorized transport on duty near to the crossing, crossing, with strict, standardized, civilized attitude to guide pedestrians and non motor vehicles in accordance with the "road traffic safety law" safe travel, to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, together to create a good traffic environment. (author: Xu Jianbin)
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Tax blacklist will be jointly punished

Recently, the 23 provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau and other departments jointly issued the "Qinghai Province, the major cases of illegal tax parties to implement the joint disciplinary measures memorandum of cooperation" (hereinafter referred to as the "memorandum of cooperation"), will receive the parties on major cases of illegal tax authorities announced the implementation of 18 joint disciplinary measures.

it is reported that, in order to implement the "State Council on promoting the spirit of fair competition in the market to maintain the normal order of the market a number of opinions" and other documents, to promote the formation of a powerful force to praise the integrity, discipline dishonesty, according to the notice of the national development and Reform Commission and other 21 ministries, the provincial government agreed to, provincial development and Reform Commission, in conjunction with the relevant units of the province tax bureau, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau, combined with our province jointly issued a "memorandum of cooperation", the parties to the tax authorities announced major tax law cases, the implementation of 18 Joint Disciplinary measures.Joint disciplinary measures read more

Wang Guosheng met with the State Council NWCCW assessment group line

7 10, provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng met in Xining with Vice Minister of the Ministry of civil affairs of the State Council NWCCW evaluation steering group leader, Gao Xiaobing, to welcome and thank them for my mid-term evaluation to the green province "China women and children development program" and "Qinghai provincial women and children development plan" implementation. Wang Guosheng said that Qinghai should take this assessment as a new opportunity, conscientiously implement the new concept of development, strengthen all levels of government responsibility, highlighting the key and difficult, in the process of building a well-off society, promote the overall development of women and children development.

Ma Shunqing, Wang Yubo, and Cheng Lihua.

Xining City formulated the measures for promoting of cadres performance appraisal

In order to fully implement the central tightening Party discipline, strict management of cadres, strict political discipline and political rules, efforts to "on" to "under" employment environment in this district, Xining City, formulated the "Xining county leading cadres performance appraisal annual Interim Measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") that made clear provisions on the city tube county leading cadres theirannual assessment. The "measures" introduced to further improve the leading cadres to "on" to "system", the extension of the top-level design of the "radius", has become a panacea of leading cadres in Xining city personal performance appraisal.

in order to form the assessment, feedback, rewards and punishment and rectification of a series of institutional mechanism, give full play to the assessment of the baton effect, "by the way" of performance evaluation results made a clear explanation of "assessment results will serve as cadres Pingxianpingyou, management and supervision, training and education, adjust the appointment, an important basis for conversation and remind incentive constraint". Was identified as excellent grades, according to the relevant provisions of recognition, and serve as an important reference for cadre selection and use; after the screening visit was assessed as the basic competent and incompetent order, were given related programs or admonishing organizational adjustments.

"measures", in order to facilitate the quantitative evaluation results, distinguish the county, municipal departments zhengfuzhi score, total score from "fulfill the job responsibilities, leadership evaluation (principal evaluation), democratic evaluation, evaluation group evaluation" in four parts according to the proportion of. The performance of duties by the team scoring performance scores were converted; evaluation of the five elements of leadership evaluation score by the relevant leadership level according to morals, diligence and honesty; evaluation group evaluation by individual talks and work target completion score accounting form. According to the comprehensive evaluation score ranking, excellent, competent and incompetent and incompetent basic four grades, the score columns after 3% or the score in the team is obviously low, the total number of votes in the county leading cadres evaluation "general" and "poor" more than 1/3 of the vote, approved by the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the implementation of the screening visit.

to ensure procedural justice, organizational departments follow up strictly control steps. In accordance with the "wholesale", deputy chief of the tube to catch "specific" principle, the annual performance target responsibility assigned to each team member "name", requires each county-level leading cadres, a monthly written record of personal performance, for review by the assessment team at the end of the year focused assessment. Focus on the assessment and annual leadership performance evaluation together, in the assessment unit held a debriefing evaluation meeting, team members meeting debriefing according to a certain proportion, at the same time focus on democratic evaluation and meeting individual talk. Finally, the test group put forward preliminary opinions and report to the municipal leading group to determine the order of evaluation. read more

Xining city ndustrial and Commercial Bureau Five Combination services for individual industrial and

to ensure that the experience according to work orderly, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in inspection work, through the "Five Combination", to provide good service for the self-employed work experience.
in specific work, one is combined with the implementation of "regulation on individual industrial and commercial households" and the new registration method, and vigorously promote the "individual industrial and commercial households and the new Registration Ordinance". The two is to do with individual industrial and commercial households combined with the new version of the business license renewal work, and actively carry out the renewal of the self-employed version of the business license, the inspection as an opportunity to promote the new version of the business license renewal of self-employed work smoothly. The three is the combination of work and create civilized service window, constantly sum up the window to create a civilized service experience, to further improve their work style, improve work efficiency, to provide high-quality, convenient, efficient and fast service for the majority of operators. The four is the behavior and the standard of registration, to improve the quality of data combination, to further standardize the registration and supervision, timely deliver the relevant information into the database of the self-employed, to further improve the individual industrial and commercial households database construction, timely clean up and standardize the registration database, correct the errors of the data, improve the quality of the database. The five is combined with the detected banned unlicensed behavior, strengthen law enforcement, to guide and standardize the inspection work, by promoting business operators in accordance with the law.

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Xining evening news show the number of straight up the next day

October 1st, the eleventh session of the Xining evening news, South Auto Show into the second day. Because in eleven the first day of the holidays, people visiting the exhibition increased again, evening show the atmosphere was more active.

the organizing committee to remind the public, do not be a roadside to sell tickets for the show people cheat, to go to a regular ticket ticket.   read more