National husband Wang Sicong net worth has earned 4 billion of their own

to say that this year’s popularity is the most prosperous who is red, I believe you will happen to think of Internet users husband Wang Sicong. Xu is too deep impact on the image of Wang Sicong’s many people heard the rich men’s sons, Wang Sicong earned 4 billion shocked.

"2015 Hurun Report" released, Wang Jianlin sitting on 220 billion to become the second richest wealth China. But what is interesting is that this time the students better than the popularity of Wang Sicong, a lot of it, 4 billion.

2009, private Holdings Company MIPS investment registered holding by Wang Sicong in 100%, the first phase investment of 500 million yuan. It is said that this is the son of Wang Jianlin for the failure of the 20 time, the 500 million yuan of funds, can not do, obediently back to Wanda to work. It can be said that Wang Jianlin is his LP. read more

Shandong Ji’nan three real to help college graduates Entrepreneurship

2016 years of College Students’ employment work is about to begin, in order to let more college graduates can find their own future, Shandong Ji’nan has taken a number of measures to implement the college graduates employment security work.

to effectively do the work of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship, Shandong Ji’nan Dongguan Street to prepare in advance, meticulous arrangements, and strive for the majority of college graduates to provide high-quality, efficient and convenient services, to ensure the smooth employment of College graduates.

"real data". Carry out college graduates registration, through the publicity, by the community labor security officer, college community service posts, each floor floor length to take graduate information, to ensure that the information is true and effective. Relying on social security service platform to establish electronic files, provide the basic data for the next step to provide services. Currently collected 158 graduates in 2015 information. read more

How much money is needed to join the duck shop

no matter what the reason, in short, in the current food market is duck hot up, but also face the development prospects are getting better and better, in this background, many investors hope to open a duck shop. However, joining a duck neck shop brand is the cost of investment. So, join the duck neck shop need how many money?

reporter interviewed found that in the capital to small duck brand, there are two modes of business operation, is a specialized factory processing, distribution to the various stores; two is the manual workshop, small size, no more than 10 chain stores, operating room backyard cooking, pre hospital sales.

"Jiujiuya" and "laishuangyang" belong to the former category. In order to maintain their own brand image, most of these brands are not allowed to join. "Jiujiuya" duck neck king is a big brand in the duck shop, including 35 stores, all stores are stores, can not join the chain. Production of "Jing Long" series of halogen products in Beijing, said Liu Hao, director of Food Co., Ltd., in order to maintain the brand image, to ensure the unity of quality and taste, in principle, is not allowed to join the franchise. read more

How to join the silver shop to do more detours less money

industry is now very competitive, therefore, the choice of brand is particularly important. "One chopstick is easy to break, and the ten one is in a group." With the franchise system, the rapid expansion of market share is small business bigger, stronger shortcut. In recent years, the rapid popularity of the brand by joining the form is not uncommon, and for investors, it is nothing more than to find a good steward for themselves, but also can easily achieve a win-win choice boss.

before joining as everyone knows, the higher the visibility of the brand for the franchisee to provide support and services more perfect, successful investor protection is relatively higher, but the charge of joining fee is relatively high, can be shut out of less than 100 thousand yuan of small investors.

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How college students from business

recently a lot of university graduates to ask such a question: "I was a graduate student, now can not find work, want to do poineering work experience, not what is not to money, I can do business?" The answer is yes.

, he knew the cook is a very practical work, he ran a lot of units, also did not find a job, so he thought of a trick, he came to a great reputation of the hotel, to a lot of vegetables, to 500 yuan checkout, but he had no money to checkout, he took the diploma, and the manager said: no money, or I work for you to pay back the money. The manager of a black, two months to work to pay the price of a guy, so the guy began to work. He is willing to do the dirty work, rushing to dry, the chef soon fell in love with him, he was behind the assistant, he also became the Department manager. If you want to study in a certain industry, then learn this young man, to find a way to work in the industry to learn, and must find a way to do.

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Novice stall need to do what to do

previously, put a stall is a lot of people disdain things, put the stall is also a number of poor people are helpless way of life, but now, put the stall has become a shortcut to become a popular trend. Put the stall with its infinite charm to attract a lot of young people into it, low cost and high return benefits everyone eager. But in fact, seemingly simple things, often when you devote yourself to one of them can always make you stumble, want to put on the stall to achieve your entrepreneurial dream, there is no full preparation can not do!

1, mental preparation read more

Open spicy hot shop notes inventory

open spicy hot shop also need to pay attention to some business matters. Many operators have been thinking about this issue, but it is difficult to summarize some constructive ideas. If you are not very understanding of this area, you can learn to make small series, so you do a good job in investment management business.

a, operating season

winter hot and spicy need not say. It is generally believed that the summer off-season for the operation of hot and spicy proved that this is a misunderstanding. Have all know that summer is more hot days business is better, have good conditions of air conditioning needless to say; bad conditions of side blowing fan drinking cold beer; side wipes constantly wipe mouth also shouted: boss " add some pepper! If not witnessed unimaginable a little spicy hot competition can have so much charm read more

How to enhance the brand value of fashion jewelry brand

with the improvement of living standards, the demand for fashion accessories rising, but very intense industry competition, how to enhance the brand value has become a thorny issue, because the contrast and the domestic garment industry, the development of the jewelry industry is not good.

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